Monday, 20 June 2011

My ever first blog

OK granted, so I'm a little behind the times, but I've finally arrived.  The thought of starting a blog hit me today when I was sat there at my desk daydreaming and meant to be working.  Right there I decided that I spend so many moments dreaming about the interior and exterior decoration of our home - and even the homes of others - that I realised I must do something about it.

Our home being a humble house where my beautiful boyfriend and I live in Beckenham.  My boyfriend has great interest in the architectural element of buildings, their design and the way we live in them, but very little interest in the decor unless it is something he really dislikes. He usually responds to my wants, or as I like to call them needs, with a ‘mmm yeah’ or ‘nice’ or ‘sounds good’, all while never making eye contact.  I often wonder if he thinks making eye contact with me when I talk about spending money on such wonders is in his mind like signing a written agreement.

Me however, I'm always mentally redesigning our house and yes, dare I say it, the house of many others I know.  I regularly visit a friend, or a family member and think, 'I wonder if they did this, or moved that there and bought a lovely piece to go there, what would it look like?'  I even take it upon myself to move their furniture around while they pop to the shops or reposition a table or chair while they make coffee, I just can not help it.  Oh and weirdly enough no one ever seems to mind, they seem to love the new layout and wonder why they had never thought of it before.

Our Home

We moved in to our house 15 months ago, and even though we have done a huge amount of renovation, it always seems like there is something else to do.  So far, we have opened up rooms and had endless joinery work carried out in the form of doors, skirting board, door frames, and cupboards and so on.  We have turned small study and tiny bathroom in a luxury family bathroom, had every room re-plastered, a new boiler and heating system installed, new flooring, new carpets, a new fireplace fitted, new fascia boards to the roof front, and every room decorated, some more basically than others.  Ok deep breath; now I’ve actually started to list some of the things we have done, I’m starting to understand why the boyfriend cannot cope.  Well, when I say understand, I meant the thought ran through my mind, lasted about 30 seconds, and gone.

Each room slightly changes every month or so, with the gradual growth of extras, things such as pictures, lamps, and furniture and general decorative items.  This is mainly because I’m constantly wondering how we could improve our home and the hundred ways we could extended on what we have.

When I say extend, yes I even mean my ever growing plans to extend our kitchen into a side return, or the conversion of our cellar.

I seem to be able to spend hour upon hour lost in visual heaven of what could and will be, and I love it.  I cannot imagine what it would be like not to have the ability of visualisation, yet the more I go on about things to friends and family, the more it seems most of us don't have it.  I however have it in abundance - I can sit and stare at a place and mentally see it change and improve in so many ways.  My visualisation of things is so strong, I can feel what the room feels like, the atmosphere, the sense of pride of owning it, the achievement of gaining it and freakishly, I can even visualise what it feels like to open a door and see the garden, small plants blah blah blah.  You catch the drift, I get lost in thought and as I said I love it.

On top of this I'm forever trawling the internet for ideas, inspiration and collecting images of things I like, so I decided I would finally share them with other like-minded people as well as those who are looking for ideas and inspiration for their own home.  I will be blogging the images of the progress of our house and random things I need, want, dream of and simply must have.

Here goes.....

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