Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Alcove shelves

Alcove shelves: I love them, our bedroom needs them.

Our books have been packed away in boxes for around three years now and quite frankly I miss them....... or at least that was the way I introduced the conversation to my boyfriend, which was quicky, without a breath, followed by "we need alcove shelves".  Silence.  But he did make eye contact so I took it as he agreed.

The problem is paying someone to do it means saving and waiting, and neither of those entertain me; I'm a need that now kind of guy.  Therefore, I have decided to do it myself.  Of course I'm not expecting this is going to be easy or happen over night, but I feel really excited about the challenge, so excited I popped to the local DIY shop this evening and bought the wood.

I will of course take pics of my progress and post before and after shots once completed.

Wish me luck.

Here goes.

I'm using these pics for inspiration, oh and I love the chandelier in the first pic, I'll have that too.

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