Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bird prints

I recently fell in love with a bird-print quilt from Graham and Green, which I just had to have – and it looks great on our bed!

Since then my love for bird prints has grown, but unfortunately my collection hasn’t.  This fact was mentioned in conversation with a new colleague of mine, who informed me of an exhibition I might like to go and see.  I was intrigued, and asked for more information.  She told me of the Collier Campbell exhibition currently showing at the National Theatre, which I have now looked into and decided I must go.

She also then dropped into the conversation that Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell are her mum and aunt.  At this point I’m really excited and must know more.  But I was shocked and saddened to hear that just six weeks ago on 7th May, Susan Collier, her dear mum passed away.  In my mind even more reason why I must go and see the exhibition.

She then told me that Collier Campbell currently has a range being sold at M&S. My ears twitched.  M&S?  ‘Sounds affordable,’ I thought – and it is!

The Collier Campbell range design for specifically M&S to celebrate 50 years of Collier Campbell takes the beautiful textile designs of sisters Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell, and uses them to create a range of crockery, linen, soft furnishing and even a note book.  They are beautiful.  I want the cup, the plate, the stunning pink cushion and the bedspread for our guest room.

My hands were twitching to reach for the laptop and the credit card last night to place an order, all I could think of was how lovely they were going to look. Then like a ton of bricks it hit me, I’m already in my overdraft.  So I managed unwillingly to contain myself for now.  How long this will last is anyone’s guess.  Pay day will not come fast enough.

Most of us would not have had the pleasure of knowing Susan Collier, but what a wonderful feeling it must be to her family to know she will live on in so many daily lives through the Collier Campbell art.  I will spare this thought every time I use the cup and saucer set I plan to purchase.

Check out the exhibition and the M&S range at the links below.

M&S - Collier Campbell range

Exhibition - National Theatre, South Bank, London SE1 9PX

Graham and Green - paradise quilt

Obituaries of Susan Collier




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