Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Alcove shelving update

Now I know I sound crazy but last night I dreamt about dressing the completed alcove shelves with books and nik naks. Bear in mind when I went to bed last night, I had done no more than pencil-marked the walls for shelving positions. With the dream only slightly ahead of my own progress, it only made me want to start the ball rolling even more.

As soon as I arrived home from work tonight I went straight to the cupboard and out came the saw, spirit level, drill, hammer... and with a smile on my face I began.

Considering I have never done this before, within three hours I'd cut, measured and fitted the frames for four shelves. Now that may seem like a lot of time for not much achievement but that is far from how I feel right now. I'm chuffed with my progress so far.

I'm not going to post any pics yet, as I want to publish before and after photos when its finished.

So exciting!

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