Monday, 17 November 2014

Put your feet up

A friend asked my advise about room their front room the other day (I use the words front room because they live in their kitchen)...

Anyway while talking through some options, I remembered why I love footstools.

They are functional, more child friendly then a coffee table, there is one for every style...but most importantly after a long hard day, I love nothing more then putting my feet up...

Which one do you want?

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Glass wall racks

I think these will complete my life...

Oh foxy

This fox would make me smile everyday.. *places order*

Duck feet candle stick

Is it me or is this the cutest candlestick holder you've ever seen?

Simplistic sophistication

Beautiful console table welcome home.

Mirror shelf, shelf mirror

A shelf and a mirror in one, it's like my dreams have come true.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Graham and Green, carriage mirror 

Bedside lighting

This is so cute and would make amazing as bedside lighting...

Graham and Green, Bermondsey wall light

I'm hooked

Oh go on then... hook me up, hit the lights

Graham and Green, arrow hook

Graham and Green, arrow wall light

Man on the moon

How playful are these absolutely amazing bedsheets? Very...

Graham and Green, astronaut duvet set.

I know how Snow White felt

Someone better find me Prince Charming, I'm gonna bite into the forbidden apple... I bet it tastes so good.

Graham and Green, gold apple pot

I'd read more if...

How can you expect me to read without such fabulous accessories? If I had this I'd read more... promise.

Graham and Green, aleena brass lamps

Oi oi copper

These copper star candlesticks would look so good in my life

There is a Mona in my hallway

I never thought I would say this, but my hallway needs a Mona... Add a bit of culture to your entrance with this fabulous Mona Lisa ceramic umbrella stand.

A trivet is not trivial

I want this trivet... It would make a great addition to the dining table (think Christmas) and stop any hot dish or pot marking the surface...

£18 from Rockett St George.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Happiness is de pendant on these

The dining table I'm yet to find or buy may just be crowned buy these lovely pendant lights... Three should do

The brass of it

This kitchen has more brass than Bet Lynch... I wonder if my boyfriend would like a shinny surprise installed in our flat?

Bless Bet 

Wrap artist

I love this playful fruity wrapping paper so much, I simply had to frame it... 

Somewhere to put my tea

This scamp copper table is rather lovely.

Available at Heals.

Light up my life

This kubus candleholder designed by Mogens Lassen makes me warm inside.

I was thinking you could get me this for Christmas?

What the kitchen floor wants...

My kitchen floors demands to have these tiles, I simply must obey.

Oh and is it just my kitchen floor or is yours this demanding too?