Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Not off the shelf

Reading back through the few blogs I posted last year, has really reminded me why I started this in the first place and maybe but only ever so slightly maybe, just how crazy my mind can be.

It has also reminded me just how much I wanted alcove shelves.  Well guess what? I've got them, I love them and how did I ever live without them?! Oh and I made them myself from start to finish, which saved a small fortune.

Granted they took a little bit longer to finish then I had hope, six months in fact but who is counting? I must point out, the task of building them did not take as many months, but once I had built them, I just could not be bothered the fill, sand and paint them.  Maybe at that time I had achieved what I had needed to, proof I could do it.

In came the New Year, a new wave of energy and hey presto they were finished in two days. I have to say the wait was worth every last hour. Not only do they look great, and they really do, but I'm so proud of them, I'm proud of me.

Cost.  All in I probably spent around £180 to £200. An absolute bargain if I ever did know one.

The result.  (I should quickly apologise for the bad quality photos, they were taken them on my mobile.)

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